“Deirdre helped me to see and get excited about possibilities for myself in my own organisation that I had never thought of before, which for me is a key output from coaching. Deirdre has an intuition for asking questions that bring clarity to one’s thought processes and she does this in a very natural and energetic way. Each 90 minute coaching session flew by, they felt more like 30 minutes long and I always left feeling really positive with a host of new possibilities for my future career. I have been coached by a number of different people in my career and would rate Deirdre as the best I have worked with.”

G. O’Halloran – Programme Manager – Diageo Ireland.


“In our professional lives we are often faced with challenges and choices. I was recommended to work with Deirdre by a close colleague. Working with Deirdre as my Executive Coach really helped me identify personal career priorities and objectives, develop strategies to achieve those objectives and create tangible actionable tactics and steps to move forward.
Deirdre challenges and questions to help you identify the issues at hand, understand the context and choices and create an action plan. As a sounding board and often acting as my “conscience” Deirdre’s approach is always supportive and challenging delivering a positive momentum.”

M. Lowry – Business Development Manager


“Deirdre has been an on-going source of assistance throughout my career and has guided me through a career change and into a position of management. Deirdre has not only helped me in improving my personal performance but has also helped me to define career goals and set targets towards achieving my goals. Her practical approach, ability to listen and structured questions has been a source of inspiration (empowerment) and has helped me to achieve my current position. I find her energy, enthusiasm and knowledge infectious and will no doubt be engaging Deirdre’s expertise in the future. I would have no hesitation in recommending Deirdre and StrategicFox to any person looking to be more successful in their career.”

Tom Crosbie – SHEQ Manager

“Having been somewhat sceptical, I was surprised to discover how useful the business coaching sessions were. The initial sessions helped to quickly identify focus areas for improvement which lead to subsequent collaborative discussions on the most appropriate strategies to best target these areas. Suggested strategies and solutions are reviewed continuously and adjusted as necessary, depending on progress. This is a great way to improve any aspect of a person’s work life and in comparison to “going it alone” this structured collaborative approach, working in confidence with a trusted coach, is certain to produce measureable results.”

K.C. – Business Manager


“Deirdre helped me during our mentoring sessions, and I found each one stimulating and a little challenging. When I met Deirdre I was transitioning from the Role of MD with a family Group of companies to setting up my own business. Deirdre helped me identify some key issues in relation to this new phase of my business life and then to see the wood from the trees. I have no hesitation in recommending Deirdre to others.”

Eugene Groeger – F.C.A.


Deirdre worked with me in her role as Business Coach in 2010. This was my first interaction with a professional business coach, and my immediate impression was that she brought a huge amount of energy to the coaching process. In the course of our coaching sessions, she forced me to ask myself searching questions relevant to specific industrial relations challenges my company was dealing with, and her approach helped me to focus on developing a small number of key initiatives.  As a result of her support, she helped me to identify some short term IR strategies, and the company subsequently achieved a 23% improvement in employee satisfaction levels. Although I was initially sceptical of the coaching concept, I changed my mind following a number of sessions with Deirdre. She approached the task in a highly professional and enthusiastic manner, and I can strongly recommend her work as a business coach.”

J.P. – General Manager