Senior Management Coaching

Are you a Senior Manager within an organisation in Ireland? Do you want to progress within this role or use it as a springboard to a leadership role? Do you want to start thinking about other options outside the organisation?

Executive coaching is now considered one of the most effective training methods to gain new skills and improve performance and is proven to bring real benefits. StrategicFox understands the many challenges of today’s business world and the stress and pressure to perform. While there may be many common concerns and issues across all sectors, executive coaching offers you the opportunity to address your own specific concerns, issues and circumstances.Everyone has considerably more potential than they use. We see this when faced with a crisis and the efforts we can make when situations demand it.  We all have the potential to be the best that we can be. Executive coaching provides the opportunity to explore this potential and unlock it!

Senior Executives Executive Coaching process

To start the process, an initial one and a half hour session is held to understand your specific requirements and explain the executive coaching process and to determine your goals at a high level.  It is important that the senior executive understands and trusts the process and is comfortable with their coach.  Goals for senior executives normally fit into broad categories around Skills and Performance, Personal Development or Leadership.

‘What is Executive Coaching?  

For senior executives, following this initial meeting, our general approach is to agree a follow up set of 5-6 sessions over a period of months and work can begin.  In our experience, if a senior executive is motivated to address the goals and trusts the process, great results can be achieved.  (See testimonials)

If the coaching is being initiated by the senior executive’s organisation, the process may include sessions with the organisation before meeting the executive, after goals have been agreed and at the conclusion of the sessions.

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