Maternity Coaching

Are you a Senior Manager returning to work after maternity, family or extended leave? Are you a little apprehensive of returning and performing to the required standards to deliver the required results?

StrategicFox understands the new and unexpected challenges that a return to a senior role after a period of absence entails. The work may have changed; there may be significant changes in the business area, organizational changes, policy changes etc.


In the case of maternity leave there is a major personal life change as a new member is added to the family. The care of your child during the work day and the crucial work/life balance will have changed. As our founder, Deirdre Foley, is a mother of three and has returned to senior roles from maternity leave, she identifies strongly with the challenges and support that are important. Working with an executive coach to manage the transition back to work can provide the essential support to ensure you perform to your best potential while ensuring you are giving due consideration to your work/life balance to ensure a high level of personal and business satisfaction.

On Boarding Post Maternity Leave Executive Coaching Process

StrategicFox recommends that the Executive coaching process for onboarding post maternity leave begins at least 6 weeks before the executive returns to work. To start the process, an initial one and a half hour session is held to discuss and explain the executive coaching process and to determine your goals at a high level.  Aside from the general stress and concerns of returning to the office after several months or years away, issues and concerns raised often include:


  1. How to manage the company’s expectations of performance – particularly from executives who typically work overtime?

  2. How to set up a work/life balance that will work? How to integrate new baby/child/children into a routine that will work?

At least one additional session is normally held prior to the return to work with further sessions held after the executive returns.  In this way, the coaching facilitates the smooth integration of the executive back into the workforce. Studies have shown that where time is taken to facilitate returning mothers, it is more likely they will continue in the workforce gaining personal satisfaction but also ensuring their workplace benefits from their continued valued experience and performance.

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