Entrepreneur Coaching

Are you an entreprenuer about to start a new venture or seeking a new direction for your business? 

Are you finding it challenging to cover all areas of your business? Have you found some gaps in your initial plans that you need to address?

Starting a new venture is exciting. It is also challenging and requires more than good planning and determination but a strong focus on success. Working one on one with a professional executive coach can bring increased clarity and focus and increase your ability to succeed and unlock your full potential. While there may be many common concerns and issues across all new ventures, executive coaching offers you the opportunity to address your own specific concerns, issues and circumstances. 

At StrategicFox, we will work with you to make your business venture the best it can be and progress your own personal goals to be successful.

Entrepreneurs Executive Coaching Process

In the case of entrepreneurs, coaching is normally initiated by the entrepreneur without any intervention or requirement to report progress or required results back to the organisation. Therefore, there is often more freedom to explore issues, concerns, behaviors as they evolve during the process. 

To start the process, an initial one and a half hour session is held to discuss and explain the executive coaching process and to determine your goals at a high level. At this stage, agreement can be established for a subsequent number of sessions – normally 4-6 depending on requirements. These sessions can be relatively fluid using the high level goals as guidance. In addition, there is also the opportunity to address issues that arise that may not have been anticipated at the beginning.

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