Business Owners and Leaders Coaching

Are you the Business Owner or Managing Director of an organisation in Ireland? Do you already consider yourself successful but strive to be even more successful?


Would one to one coaching in any of the main coaching areas of skills and performance, personal development, leadership or your own agenda be valuable to you? Executive coaching is proven to bring tangible benefits and StrategicFox offers an executive coaching service tailored to those who face the challenge of leading organisations. As the leader of the organisation, not only the financial success of the company, but also the culture of the organisation is driven in large part by you. In these challenging times, employees look to their leaders for direction, motivation and inspiration. Therefore, it is important that business owners and leaders are supported, not just to drive the overall success of the company and increase profit, but to also enable leaders to attain personal satisfaction and awareness of the success and satisfaction of their employees.

The StrategicFox Business Owners and Leaders Coaching Process

In the case of Business Owners and Managing Directors, coaching is normally initiated by the individual without any intervention or requirement to report progress or required results back to the organisation. Therefore, there is often more freedom to explore issues, concerns, behaviours as they evolve during the process. Indeed the process often evolves to become an ongoing relationship where the coach becomes a ‘sounding board’ for new ideas or innovations, or to address the CEO’s/MD’s longer term career and life ambitions. 

To start the process, an initial one and a half hour session is held to discuss and explain the executive coaching process and to determine your broad goals at a high level. At this stage, agreement can be established for a subsequent number of sessions – perhaps 4-6 depending on requirements. These sessions can be relatively fluid using the high level goal as guidance. However, there is also the opportunity to address issues, concerns, ideas, innovations, behaviours, that arise during the coaching that may not have been anticipated at the beginning.

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