Team Communication – The Importance of Energy, Engagement and Exploration

Great Harvard Business Review article on the importance of communication among teams to improve performance. Takes a very interesting scientific approach, measuring the levels of energy, engagement and exploration to assess the level of performance and expected success levels of teams.

New science of building great teams – importance of team communication!

The Best Performing Teams Hold Themselves Accountable

I work with a number of high performing teams and think this Harvard Business Review article gives great insight into the importance of accountability amongst team members. I would probably have emphasised more strongly that the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ of delivery of feedback amongst team members is important -where everyone is focused on driving towards ‘innovation, trust, and productivity’.

Top Performing Teams hold themselves accountable!

Are outdated beliefs holding you back?

I liked this article in FastCompany about 5 outdated beliefs that may be holding you and your organisation back from success. I particularly like #5 about really finding out where you need to excel and not feeing you need to do ‘your best’ at everything!! The debate regarding whether an issue is a ‘problem’ or an ‘opportunity’ is also an interesting perspective.

5 Outdated Beliefs That Waste Time and Money!