Authentic Leaders embrace Uncertainty

Interesting article published this month by Inc. illustrating how important it is for leaders to be honest and authentic when facing uncertainty.

Why great leaders embrace uncertainty!

Emotional Intelligence – What makes a Leader?

I’ve held a number of workshops and training courses over the past few weeks, and in every case Daniel Goleman’s leadership styles has been discussed, and the critical difference ‘Emotional Intelligence’ makes to leadership capability. This is an old article but worth re-visiting to understand how Goleman defines ‘Emotional Intelligence’ and the five components 1. Self Awareness, 2. Self Regulation, 3. Motivation, 4. Empathy and 5.Social Skill

What makes a leader!

Masters Research : ‘Raising your Game’

A great big thank you to the UCD Smurfit Graduate Business School, for the write up on my research based Masters Thesis ‘Raising your Game’ which explored the potential translation of sports psychology tools and techniques to improve business performance.

My Masters Research: ‘Raising your Game!’