About StrategicFox

At StrategicFox our focus is simple; we empower executives to be even more successful and to achieve more from work and life.

However good you are, you can get even better. We are all capable of greater performance and with the support of a professional coach with a strong business background at StrategicFox, this can be achieved. 

Our real world experience at executive and directorship level combined with the latest thinking in personal performance coaching means our clients receive the practical, personal support they need to achieve real world results. We create a confidential space for our clients to determine their professional and personal goals, address the steps or clear the way to achieve these results and then recognise their successes.

If you have a passion to work smarter; be more satisfied with life and drive your performance at work and in your own life, talk to us at StrategicFox…..be a fox and get clever about it!